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About Heidarian Carpet


The Heidarian family began producing carpets in 1980, in the old town of Dehkord in south West Iran.These carpets were mainly very large and destined as gifts for the holy sites of Iran (including the Vank Cathedral in Isfahan), Iraq and Syria.

Between 1971 and 1986 , during wich time production ceased, the quality of the province's carpets declined.When production began anew in the Heidarian family, the aim was to improve on this quality by using hand-spun wool and the time-hounoured techniques of master weavers in various urban, rural and nomadic areas of the Iran.

In keeping with this ethos, Heidarian avoid the employment of chemicals in the washing process.They use only hand dyed wool, the wool and the dyes being produced in the same locality as the rug is woven.

An example is the brownish hue found in their Bakhtiari rugs.This is derived from oaks growing in the region.Indeed, many of their designs are inspired by the colours and pattern found in nature.

At Heidarian, the fifth generation employ the same methods as the first , ensuring their rugs will be 'the quality antique rugs of tomorrow'.

However they include their own contemporary twist; colours are more decorative to appeal to public taste and in some cases weavers are free to innovate with their own designs.the product is a collection of rugs, at once extremely aesthetic and totally practical.


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